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A tabloid puppet is a person who uses the mainstream media as their main source for information on political and entertainment matters. This person will believe almost anything, even the most ignorant rumors and slanderous lies, as long as its on TV or in a magazine, without any factual proof.

Tabloid puppets do not ever research and investigate the information that the media claims is true, which is usually half of the time fact mixed with rumor, false information, and random shit someone made off their head. Because of this, tabloid puppets can be very politically unaware and base their conclusions off of false affirmations. Tabloid puppets do not question what is said on their TVs or in the magazines, on the contrary, they spread the information to friends and colleagues.

Most tabloid puppets are educated through the brainwashing minds of CNN and FOX News and other various news networks. The more ignorant, gullible tabloid puppets usually watch shows such as "Entertainment Tonight", "Access Hollywood" and "TMZ". Don't get me started on magazines, those are even worse.

Unfortunately, the majority of the American public are tabloid puppets, and such make poor conclusions daily on politicians, celebrities, and other prominent figures shown in the mass media.
"Dude, did you know that Angelina Jolie said she is running for president?!!"

"Wow dude, you're such a tabloid puppet."

"I told my mom that the President was caught looking at this girl's ass, and she called me a tabloid puppet."
by iSpeakSmart July 29, 2009
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