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a person who always walks to someone else table with or without reason.
Matt: Yo how john get to ally's table from his, without getting caught.

Jake: You know, John has always been a skilled Table Hopper.
by Ace Wade March 01, 2010
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1930s to present a necrophile the mortuary table, or slab
While showing the new embalmer the lay out, the mortuary's manager cleared her throat before instructing that the younger bodies, the ones not mangled when they met their demise, are earmarked first for hole mark for the proprietor, Old Neckie, a table-hopper from way back.
by EmpySee September 14, 2013
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Someone who socializes with various groups of people. Usually used in schools from elementary to high school for people who may or may not be social butterflies but is able to be comfortable enough to switch between social groups to experience what you couldn't do in your other groups or your main group. The idea came from the presence of such groups having a usual spot in which that spot is a table and you hop between them.
Paolo hung out with different people during lunch every day making him a tablehopper
by RoyalSoda March 24, 2019
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