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A Tabapartment is a particularly low form of social housing in Britain. It is a flat , usually found on the worst of council 'sink estates' and would be the worst of the worst of the apartments occupied therein.

Typically, a Tabapartment would be inhabited by a single, detestable and therefore lonely misanthropic drug addict/alcoholic/personality disordered psycho, usually all of the above hence the 'tab' or tablet prefix.

Absent from this type of apartmnent, if the police and social services are doing their jobs correctly would be any children of either sex under the age of 16.

So the typical tabapartment would be a bedsit, (laughingly referred to as a 'studio flat') or a one bedroom flat subject to several council fumigation orders and with police ram holes in the door. The carpets,where there are any and where the had not been chewed,powedered inhaled or smoked would stick to your feet with some form of animal or human excretia trod into rough nylon pile.
The windows would , typically be boarded up usually with the cardboard from smuggled tobacco cartons. There would be little or no furniture as it is usually sold to feed the habit, except of course for the computer and chair. We are in Trainspotting country here.

Luckily no children would be living in these conditions as they would have been taken into care or adopted, or the residents have rendered themselves infertile by their ifestyles. Thank God.

Tabapartments house the dregs of mankind, the underclass, the uneducated ignorant
whose sole ambition is their next hit or giro. (welfare payout)

Typical Tabapartment resident after dinner chat:

User: Paedophilia obsession is a sign of childhood traumas
Tab: if a girl goes out half dressed in the winter and stands around looking for punters, then shes in danger

Tab: on drugs eh

User: I do confess; I get aroused at the prospect of grooming steve eh

Vanjebber: DRUGGIES !!!!

Vanjebber: slag?

Vanjebber: whore?

Tab: mashed brains

Tab: any kid has 2 parents by the law of vaarges

by DHSS watchdog March 19, 2009
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