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(Trini slang)

a painful feeling of unrequited love causing unbalanced behavior
"He truly loved her but she got engaged to another man."
"He sufferin from serious tabanca. Gonna take some time to get over that shit."
by trinigyal86 March 06, 2013
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when you are heartbroken over someone and in a sad, depressed mood.
when you hear your friend listening to nick lachey's cd "what's left of me", and they have a bottle of whiskey in front of them. you say to your friend "what's wrong, you got tabanca?"
by Lisa JayJay August 13, 2006
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an extreme sadness and/or a depression following one's breakup or seperation from one's significant other.
"a gual you ain't hear 'bout Marsha? she home wit some serious tabanca, cuz she and she man done. it was de funniest ting i hear all day."

person 1 - "what in the hell is going on with Steven? i just came from his house and he was all depress and shit, and get this all he was listen to celine dion's 'my heart will go on' on repeat.
person 2 - "you don't know? his girlfriend left for college in the states. he is being such a fag about it."
person 1 - "yeah, i agree."
by trini royalty November 09, 2006
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When someone is in love to the point that nearly every thought is of that person. The sufferer most likely loses sleep and is detached from reality. The object of their affection most likely hasn't a clue or doesn't care about the sufferer.
Wow!! Something must be on his mind.

Yeah he probably has a tabanca.
by insuite August 21, 2009
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