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Taalia. She is definitely smart and talented. She has a curvey body and she plays hard to get. Even though she's fun to be around she can be a witch at times. Her looks will make a man melt down and she's also a player
by Utubjsbissskks January 20, 2018
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Taalia is a name given to a unique, talented, athletic, beautiful, smart and intelligent girl. The name is mainly from a very old movie, which was the name of an curel and violent assassin. Try your best not to upset a Taalia to the max as you will not like the results, try not to get her mad at all, as she will try everything out on you once it reaches the max. If she loves you accept that love because it's a love that will be very hard to find, as she loves no one. If you meet a Taalia hold on to her because even though she's a bitch, once you get to know her you will be soon to find out that she is really a crazy, funny, freaky and fun ass person to have in your life, which will do anything in her will to protect and make her friends and loved ones happy. She is a great lover as she loves to experience new things and if you likes you in a relationship form, accept that because I guarantee you will not regret your desision. Buh if you realize that she is drifting please note that your relationship is about to go down.
Guy: How is your relationship going
Me: Dude it's Taalia. Everything is great especially the sex but boy I really need to stop getter her upset
Guy: And how that working cauz she is pretty easy to get upset even she hides for her friends sake.
by Maxiclou January 20, 2018
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