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Another name for a thong. A piece of sting that sits between the butt cheeks. It drives a man wild with thoughts of promiscous sexual encounters. Wearing a t-honger is sexier than wearing no underwear at all. Unlike normal g-strings, a t-honger can only be worn by women and comes only in size small and extra small.
Robby promised to save himself till marriage, but after seeing Lindsay in a laced t-honger he reneged his commitment and tapped that ass in the backseat of his minivan.
by P-nigs January 21, 2011
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a thonger is a mixture of a fat dick and a long dick .
OMG isabelle you have a huge thonger !!!

celeste have you seen luke’s thonger ? ;)
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by thongerrrrrsss June 06, 2018
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The act of being both rageful and chill, yet extremely skilled at League-of-Legends.
"Hey you did really well last game, you pulled a thonger."
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