a music festival in the uk. the best 2 days i've spent in a scottish field ever.
t in the park - 50 gigs rolled into 1
by chelsea dagger November 5, 2006
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Non-derogatory euphemism for gay. Started during T in the park 2009 when a bunch of American tourists in the UK misunderstood some Scotsmen who announced their intention to attend together.
"Those two are a bit 'T in the park' wouldn't you say?"
by johnnyaction14 August 5, 2009
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verb - To throw a fit and promise to quit posting on an internet message board, then fail to do so while hiding behind the administrator's skirt. Repeatedly. Very similar to how lottery winners wind up blowing their windfalls and living in the same trailer park they originated from.

"Bishop81 keeps t-parking this forum. I wish the mods would just ban him already!"
by Spursfans September 15, 2006
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