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Term that refers to non-organic, chemically synthesized, unsafe recreational drugs such as ecstasy (MDMA), LSD, meth (methamphetamine), Rohypnol, PCP, and OxyContin. Often yield unreliable results, cause seizures and comas, reduce or remove inhibitions from the user, and come in forms that make it difficult for the user to determine if the drug is pure or tainted (further increasing the risk). Usually these drugs have mild to serious hallucinogenic and psychotic/nervous system effects, heavy health risks, and are extremely easy to overdose.

Often referred to as "club drugs," "designer drugs," or "rave drugs" due to their popularity among ravers and clubbers.
Some ravers were out clubbing last night and scavenged up as many cheap synthetic drugs as they could.
by think_outside_the_scene September 30, 2005
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