sychophant - a toady, brown noser ,flunkie / flunky . Always up underneath their superior and agreeing with them
Waylon smithers from the simpsons cartoon is a sychophant, a very irredeemable quilty / Trait.... he's always

By mr.burns side .

Also see marcy from the Charlie brown / peanuts cartoon / comics .
by Blu_leef February 3, 2023
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a brownnoser. someone who will seek to please a person of authority in order to obtain some grace, usually the grace is something as simple as a pat on the bottom, but can vary greatly.
craig: "Hi Boss, your hair looks nice today."
boss: "Thanks..." as she gives craig a light pat on the bottom, "will you join my in my office? Now the rest of you get to work."

As you can see from this example Craig is so good at being a sychophant that his graces don't end with a pat.
by Ariake August 20, 2006
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an elephant-like stalker of a basically timid nature
That big fat fool in the corner is my latest sychophant
by grace November 1, 2003
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