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A girl who shows an extremely opposite side of herself to outsiders, such as classmates, and coworkers.
On the inside she is completely opposite and little to none know her true colors.
A switch girl could be the most popular girl at school could be beautiful and perfect but at home she could spend hours on an MMORPG and wearing granny panties and living the life of a slob no one knows about.
by KinkySwitch October 27, 2013
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A pre-op male-to-female trans-sexual who can switch between female and male roles in sexual encounters.

Sometimes also known as 'shemales', although shemales are purely a creature of the porn world.

Note - Not ALL pre-op male-to-female trans-sexual are, or even want to be, Switch Girls (and are not 'shemales'). The average M2F (male to female) TS (trans-sexual) just wants to behave and be regarded like a natal female, whether it be in bed or out and about living normally.
we spiced up our marriage by getting a switch girl in for a threesome, it was like having another boy or another girl in bed at the same time!
by Kaitlynn June 02, 2007
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