The act of inserting ones tongue into thier partners rectum and swirling it in a 360 degree motion.
Man, i gave AJ's sister an Anal Swirl lastnight... it was AWESOME!
by jswift November 26, 2006
The term used to describe poop with male sperm mixed with it. This usally happens after a man pulls out of his girlfriend's ass after he cums in her ass and pulls out which causes a mud slide.
I pulled out after i was done and she made an "Anal swirl" came out of her. yummy
by Mr. Milakis August 28, 2010
One of the most difficult sexual positions known to man. A woman is strapped in "snow-board style" by her legs to one fan panel asd she hold on to another with her hands. A man on a bed lays just below her. The fan is turned on (by who?...not quite sure) and the fun begins!
Leah ordered the anal swirl...and the waiter delivered.
by Fellatia Jones October 14, 2007