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Someone who has developed a lifestyle well beyond their legitimate means, accumulating a wealth of "funny money" to include but not limited to: food stamps, welfare, section 8 living, disability despite not being disabled, unemployment, and government medical coverage. Usually knows the ins and outs of soup kitchens, church donations, and other charities. Most likely the product and cause of a white trash upbringing. They've squandered all their free money in the pursuit of drugs and have begged and borrowed from anyone willing to lend a hand, particularly family members, including their sons and daughters (ranging in age from 11 to 21) ex-husbands/wives, parents, siblings and have most likely been "cut off" by those with the common sense to realize what scum these people are. Credit cards are maxed out and multiple bankruptcies have been filed but Credit Card companies still see fit to grant credit. Unpaid bills pile up over months until they are forced to switch companies and take out phone, cable, and internet in someone else's name. Considered by many to be financial black holes, this breed of pondscum is a cankerous sore on society's underbelly.
"Don't worry, our trashy neighbors won't be here long, they're swillionaires!"
See also: bottomfeeder, lowrent, swill, scum, trash, white-trash, loser, beggar, vagabond, train wreck, druggie, etc.
by Beautiful Ken July 18, 2009
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