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"swegway" is the name given to small two wheeled motorized vehicles, which are a cross between a traditional skateboard and a Segway. There are many different brands of swegway, such as the IO Hawk and MonoRover R2, but most of them are produced in one factory in China and are then licensed to these companies.

It is widely believed that the term "swegway" to describe these vehicles originated from the YouTube gaming group "The Sidemen", who frequently feature the "swegway" in their videos. While the scooters have been featured in many other YouTube videos, they are usually referred to either the Brand name of the particular vehicle or just an "electric scooter".

One of the most important features of a swegway is the ability to master its use quickly. Most people who own a swegway state that within a day of using the device they can be confident in riding it.

Swegways can be found online anywhere between $220 and $2000, depending on the brand.
Person 1: "Have you seen how cool those swegways are?"
Person 2: "Yeah, my friend bought one the other day! It's pretty cool!"
by OptiMegaCell June 29, 2015
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