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It is generally a hockey term especially in the minnesota scene... This girl is every hockey players last resort. She is that one broad that waits around for your phone call all night and when that phone call comes (usually around 3 am when all the half decent broads are sleeping) she'll be there on call. Be careful some tend to get clingly so lay the law down firmly. Shes not the best looking but shes dedicated to making your night better. What she lacks on looks she makes up for on expierence. They are generally treated like crap and dont care because the next day they are proud to tell their friends that they know the hockey studs personally. They are usually down for whatever which results in an intresting night for the boys. Many players regret and frown upon what they did the night before. Fortunetly this phenemonal night has its upsides like building team chemistry and chirping broads . the donks become a key component in locker room chats with the boys as the team sits on the pine sharing a friendly little chaw.
3:30 am phone call "Betty/donk come over."-- hockey player
"Be there in 5"-- Betty/ donk

"Look at that swamp donk over there. She must be a buck 50."

"i was looking forward to getting some this weekend. Don't worry those two swamps are on their way....slay"

"that swamp donk lauren is looking half decent tonight."
"Guy you literally just drank a case on your own. Don't make the same mistake i did, she almost crushed me and the smell was unbearable."

"The herd of donks just pulled in boys get ready for a battle."
by goin90 November 17, 2009
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A very large, unpleasant looking, smelly, and alltogether unapealling girl.
"That swampdonk should really call Jenny Craig!"
by Garth Bury March 17, 2005
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Slang or short form of Swamp Donkey. See also Swamp Donkey or Dirty Fat Whore for definition.
"Check out the SWAMP DONK over there"
by Lee Mellor January 25, 2005
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A blonde, busted ass muffin top , busted teeth, wanna be ghetto fabulous, ran through, , deseise infested, jelous cockblocker, and who gets laughed at behind her back because of how unintelligent and stupid she sounds, WEN SHE BE TAWLKIN LYKE DIZ, <3
wow, look at that girl trying to hard, looks like a Swamp Donk to me !
by BOUTTHAT May 13, 2011
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A glorious concoction consisting of sambuca and orange juice considered a delicacy amongst the finest of human beings. It has both the consistency and the colour of stagnant swamp water yet tastes like angel tears.
'shiiiiit you were right, this swamp donk is the best thing i've ever tasted, i feel so majestic'
by bvsplrdsptmmw September 30, 2011
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