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Blood affiliation. Having to with bloods. Specific call bloods members use.
Suwu...whats poppin blood...SUUWWWUUU
by Isaiah1331 April 08, 2008
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Its The Gang "Bloods" Call When The Say It, It Means That They Are Present. When I Hear It Its Pronounced. Sahh Wooup. Su-Wu

Weezy: Su-Wu Gang...Ah yo Bloods...Su-Wu
by WeezyFU February 27, 2008
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People write this word to describe the sound that "Blood gang members" use to call out to let other members they are in the area; but the sound is supposed to be more like the "wooping" sound made by hyenas. This is used to call to one another similar to a hyena pack.
"Wooooop" "Wooooop"! "What up, dog? That's how you call your homies! Not su-wu!"
by RapFTB July 12, 2013
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