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A person who moves to another state and tries to impose foreign traditions and customs on his new home. This person is also way too hip for his own good.
person 1: look at that kid over there he is sooooooooo sutpid
person 2: Yea, i heard he just moved from Bozeman, montana
person 1: What a fag!!!
by bridgersucks December 23, 2010
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Alliance forces in World of Warcraft that are slow to learn or do the same thing over and over despite being railroaded by the indomitable Horde faction. adj.
"OMG that AF was really sutpid!"
"LOL! Sutpid AF got owned by my scatter shot... again"
"Haha this downy AF is sutpid or something, he keeps doing the same thing over and over!"
by Dotty The Redmage July 11, 2006
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