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1. who is addicted to the research of tasteology.
2. someone who always thinks they are eating fish no matter what it is. everytime they had a vivid haulicination that they are eating fish.
3. someone who always skitzes out in the middle of their meal and they mistaknely believe that their meal morphs into a raw fish. and occasionally will try to eat them.
4. a serial killer that only kills people that eat sushi. he believes they are pretenious and this motivates him to kill these yuppies.
5. a serial killer that uses sushi culinary tools to kill his victoms.
hey man "we evolved from fish"
your eating one of your own
what "i am mermain"
okay, dude "my plate of fries is turning into a raw salmon." man I am such a sushiopath.
by yofish October 16, 2013
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