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Anyone that will use any rule that has no basis in anything to try to prove they are a human being more deserving of something than other human beings. Their entire sense of self is caught up in competitive pursuits, proving their worth off others instead of axioms, laws, normal human behavior. This becomes transference, type behaviors, where whatever their faults are, are other peoples. Resulting in the abuse of others who want to care about them, and their own continued degradation, until they can finally learn to love other people.
"I showed up at the job every day for five years, even though I consistently didn't follow protocols, or take the time to really know what the product I was selling was, so, I am the best person for the job because I have noticed what everyone else does wrong, and since we all do wrong stuff, I showed up, superiority freak."
"I look better in this outfit because I am more fit, despite the fact that my hair is disheveled and toxic, I've ruined my knees, and trying to be like others isn't understanding fashion, or a tailored outfit for me."

"I am more deserving of this job because I learned certain material when I was young, though with an HVAC I have noticed some people have something that they also have spent years on, but since we all have something, I learned when I was young, and should get the roles I prefer."

"I have what I have because of my own hard work, not because many people have been tortured and incarcerated when they haven't done anything."
"I couldn't understand math."
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