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When a man in the span of one night fucks a girl in all four high school or all four college grades: freshman sophmore junior and senior
There is no way in hell Tom pulled off a superfecta last night.
by thegoz50 October 30, 2006
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A sexual position, scene, pose or shot that focuses on 4 body parts during sexual intercourse: Butts, Holes (vagina or anus), Heels and Soles of both partners engaged in intercourse. Typically the receiver/bottom is on his or her back with legs spread open in the shape of a V. The giver/top is penetrating in a missionary position with legs spread open. Fucking in this position allows a panned out camera/camcorder to frame a sexual act desired by voyeurs who have a butt and foot fetish.

Name is derived from the rarity of obtaining all four body parts in a camera frame.
"Matt's into butts and feet right? Tell him he should check out Jenna Jameson's latest flick. There are superfecta shots throughout the entire DVD."
by nabg29 February 17, 2013
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