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While holding a record as one of the longest words in the English Language, it's origins can be traced back to circa 1964 when the Disney Movie was first released. Modern Etymologists explain the origin of the Term; While it appears that Julie Andrews and Dick Van Dyke had a loving working relationship during the filming of Mary Poppins nothing was further from the truth! Julie Andrews basically despised Mr. Van Dyke and believed he was constantly 'show boating' and trying to grab all of the attention from her. Julie had hold up in her dressing room and refused to come out for the next scene. Mr. Van Dyke knocked on her trailer door and said, "Ello, Ello, M'Lady! Hurry up Julie, we're doing the scene where you float down on your umbrella for the 'Magical Arrival' scene. It's reported that Ms. Andrews replied, "Fuck you! I hate you!! You're a 'Supercalifragilisticexpialidouchebag'!!!! And get away from my door!! Why don't you go eat "A Spoonful of Feces you Motherfucker!!!
Common use Nowadays: That guy over there thinks the movie 'Mary Poppins' was the Best Movie ever made! What a 'Supercalifragilisticexpialidouchebag'....
by Florida Sunshine November 09, 2009
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