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Uncommonly used, but still heard once in a while. It's a phrase that Winnie from Animal Crossing would use every now and then (and I imagine that a few other characters similar to Winnie would use it too). Fun to say if your bored/hyper.
You're really giving me this cookie?? Yay! Super-happy-fun-time!
by person ^^ May 19, 2004
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Adult content played on Anime Network at 1:00am eastern to 4:00am eastern
Skimmpy Clothes-Extreme Jiggling-Nose Bleed
by Raven February 05, 2005
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Used when one is describing smoking marijuana. Can be applied as a substitute for the word marijuana/weed when asking another in a public setting to detract others from what you mean. Think stealth.
Person 1 (at work): Hey are you down for a super happy fun time session?
Person 2: Hell yeah I'm down.
by Sammyhaze September 09, 2010
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The most fun you will ever have. ever. Can not be planned.
well shit. my television and pizza tuesday was magically transformed into superhappyfuntime: monkeys, clowns in little cars, acrobats and streamers falling from the sky....
by IAMAlive May 05, 2010
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