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state of unconsciousness that occurs after coming down from a very good high, where the sufferer may sleep for an upwards of 10 to 16 hours. Takes a fuck ton to wake a super sleeper up.
Bobby: hello?
Tim: You called me earlier?
Bobby: yea at 9... its 6 now broseph
Tim: word breh, just got off my super sleep broski. it was great.
Bobby: Damn brohan, wtf was dat shit? lemme get a g cuz cuz
by Da_prune March 04, 2009
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When you deprive yourself from sleeping so that eventually you will fall asleep and sleep for, possibly, years, almost like Rip Van Winkle.
Joe: Man, I stayed up all night last night. Didn't sleep a wink.

Matt: Oh, you going to super sleep tonight?

Joe: Obviously!
by James Yeehaw March 28, 2011
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