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A awesome, nice, cool, funny, brave, amazing and incredible guy who care about his friends and his family and has money.
Girl: I want a suli in my life
Girl: I want one too
by Saul Mendoza March 17, 2016
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A girl who is a jokester very attractive and HOT! Amazing body! Great personality and will always make u smile! Funny creative artistic and a person you can rely and trust on. She is impossible to not fall in love. She will always put her friends friends first instead of anything else. She will also be very smart. She can be very crazy but the most amazing talented person you will ever meet.
Guy: Hey! You wanna hangout sometime

Suli: Yeah...sure why not!

Guy: Sure so it's a Date!
by Lilly Polly November 28, 2017
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The fucking hottest girl in school. Has a circle of true friends/best friends. Suli feels comfortable with her body and sometimes like to show some skin. With her big boobs, she may or may not have a crush on one of the baddest boy in school. And is not afraid to slap the shit out of someone is she is allowed to.
1-Suli is my fucking best friends.
2- I love the trust the Suli has in her friends.
by THE-HOTIES March 09, 2018
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A cocky boy who only cares for cars and money. He is often short and skinny who finds it hard to interact with girls so results in trying to act hard. Can be a good friend but will include many fallouts with a suli
'Hey there's suli' boy

'oh shit hide the money' boy 2

Suli ' hey...erm...'
Girl 'okaaaay...' *walks away*

money shy caraholic
by sexxxycheeky December 29, 2011
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An amazing person, beautiful AND kind. Has lots of friends, dates a lot of guys (or girls) and is a bit of a bad student.
wow she’s so fit. Lol yeah it’s sulis what do u expect
by sulis November 05, 2018
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