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this is a peice of jewelry , a chain,
that connects from a nose ring to an ear ring.
has nothing to do with actual suicide
but is called a "suicide chain" because it can be pulled on , and rip out both piercings in a fight.

is usualy worn to show one's submissive
nature regarding a sexual relationship.

suicide chains are mostly worn by "punks" and "alturnative" people,but traditionaly by women in india - in more intracate designs

by volpe_bianca June 12, 2006
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When someone commits suicide and starts a chain reaction.

Ex. When someone commits suicide, and someone they knew commits suicide because that person killed themself, then someone else kills themself because the second person killed themself, and it goes on and on.
Person A commits suicide, so Person B commits suicide, so Person C commits suicide, so Person D commits suicide, so Person E commits suicide, and so on.

"Omg! Suzie's killed herself!"
"Alert the masses! We must commence the suicide chain!"
by Katy December 26, 2003
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What happens when one person commits suicide, then another does because of their sadness, then another because of person b...
After Kurt Cobain's death, a suicide chain began.
by Ka October 03, 2004
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