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A moped with a driver who completely disregards traffic laws and conventions, often exhibiting the following behaviors:
1. weaving between the bumpers and sides of idle and/or moving vehicles without warning and regard for large vehicles with blind spots
2. traveling against the flow of traffic, often barely avoiding head-on collisions
3. as patience runs thin, sometimes even transitioning to sidewalks and threatening innocent pedestrians
4. failing to wear and provide helmets to their passengers
5. completely ignoring traffic lights, signs, and road markings
6. a plethora of other exquisite examples that those of you who have encountered suicidal mopeds can surely think of

Suicidal mopeds are commonly found in densely populated urban areas in countries such as China and India.
The truck driver swerved barely in time to avoid crashing head-on into a suicidal moped carrying a mother and her child. He still sideswiped the moped though, so he still paid them as much cash as he had, even though he was lawfully traveling in the right lane/direction and under the speed limit.
by attifinch June 11, 2011
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