To "suck your teeth" at someone is literally the process of sucking your teeth. A sound can be made by clenching your teeth together and then making a sharp sucking motion as if inhaling inhaling ice cream through a straw. The harder you suck the louder the sound. It is usually done out of annoyance at another person.
"Don't suck your teeth at me!" said the angry teacher the the student.

Jeremy rolled his eyes and sucked his teeth at Jerome's bad joke.
by Dutch84 March 21, 2005
A great way to get me not to do your yuppie ass a favor.
" Don't suck teeth at me it's not my fault! I said I don't care..."
"I guess the easiest way to say this for you is fuck off!"
by ayobeslim November 17, 2013
also called "stiups" or "stiupsin" in tha caribbean and west indies. (jamaica, tt, etc.)
TRINI: she get vex bcuz i stiupzz @ she naggin

ENUNCIATIN ANNOYIN KNOW-IT-ALL AMERICAN DUDE: i do so believe you mean "She GOT angry because I SUCKED MY TEETH at HER"

TRINI: shut up. itzz stiups, not no suck teeth
by SICKofMLIS December 30, 2005
To "Suck Teeth" means to make a sound via your mouth, inhaling sharply and using your tongue.

Many have argued what the spelling of this sound might be, but after careful consideration of all feedback, <Element|Rasta> came up with the defining spelling. This is:

Suck Teeth

<element|Rasta> me- eh bwoy gway so from here for mi bruk up ya raas seen
<element|Rasta> boy- fcuk of old rasta you a old grumpy bastard
<element|Rasta> me - chmishsyeursishchrish, dont make me lick ya up wi su-in bwoy, ya like bangalu to bomboclaat bwoy
by RastaMan May 25, 2007
Teeth involved when performing the act of fellatio, often very painful for the male receiver.
Paris unintentionally used her dick sucking teeth while performing oral sex upon Bush's penis and Bush screamed in pain.
by mike12312312321333 December 21, 2008
when a female or male has messed up or “jacked up” teeth because of how much they suck dick
girl 1: her teeth all jacked up
girl 2: i’m sayin, she got dick sucking teeth

girl 1: she ain’t know how to give head
by bathtub queen May 31, 2020