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A man working in the capacity of a substitute teacher. Usually claims that he enjoys "teaching" eighth graders how to color when their teacher is gone. Truthfully he is unqualified for most jobs and is able to maintain sobriety long enough to fill a position for the actual teacher who is hung over, having another baby or just needs a break from that grueling 6-7 hour workday for nine months in the year by taking personal days, vacation days or sick days allotted to them while all the way complaining about their salaries and benefits because they've never competed in the real world to know better.
student 1: "That substidude in Mrs. Meyers class is awesome. He sits cross-legged on the desk and we spend the whole period watching movies and talking about his kickass time in college. I friended him on FB."
student 2: "Mrs. Meyers should be coming back in a couple of months, you shouldn't get too attached to our substidude."
by jeff74008 November 23, 2010
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Any comparably-likeable/handsome/capable male who temporarily "fills in" for the "usual" dude who would ordinarily accompany a girl on a stroll or dinner-date (extra points for the chick if she reciprocates --- sending her sister or cute cousin in her place on occasions where she unexpectedly has to stay home to help her family and therefore would otherwise have to sorrowfully cancel the date with her heart-throb), hang out with one or more other guys and/or assist them with a repair/construction project, etc., but then is abruptly called away on important business and thus is unable to be present himself on that occasion.
Being a substidude is not necessarily such a bad thing --- not only do you get to help out your buddies in times of need, but you also get to meet all of the interesting/pleasant/attractive people whom the guys you're "filling in" for were originally going to spend time with, and so you have a chance to broaden your networking horizons and acquire new friends... many a lifetime/long-term friendship has begun in this way, where Person A offered to "sub" for Person B who was unable to keep a previously-arranged appointment with Person C, and then Person A and Person C became good friends, as well... nuthin' screams "nice considerate person who might make a good friend to me" than someone who willingly steps in to assist during a time of need.
by QuacksO September 25, 2017
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