you have a little stynee
by rodney clark January 8, 2008
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The hottest, most juicy, succulent and beautiful man in existence. His dumpy is as big as a truck and his name is just hot af. He knows how to get girls and makes everyone really happy. Can possibly be a replacement for the word chad. If you see a Styne, you know you'll have a great time.
by Gorgyyy March 31, 2022
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Lee sold me this quad of chronic and Glass had to measure it out, Wolf on the other hand supplied the digi and Bern made sure the deal was straight, Lobi drove me to the location and STYIYIYIYIYIYIYIYIYIYYINE paid for the chronDO.
by Fuckin' Vic Damone October 14, 2004
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To go, to get, to do

Styne is a generic verb that means to do something with your own body
Styne over there and styne me that bag of chips

My woman is inthe mood, I'm going to styne over there and styne her up real good.
by Malachai Constance June 9, 2004
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