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To not talk. To "stay stum".
As far as I can tell it derives from 19th century England/Australia, as read in Bryce Courtenay's 'The Potato Factory'
Hey thanks for staying stum about my involvement in that bank heist..
by Claire Robinson May 26, 2008
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i will stum you if you dont be careful!
by Snaffalafigus January 8, 2012
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Someone that hangs out in Starbucks all the time like they haven't got a regular home. A 'Starbuck's bum'.
Man, I wish that stum would stop hogging the power socket by the wall over there!
by Ray Price August 26, 2005
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When someone makes no sense and they are not dumb they stum. (basically a Neck in a word form)
Friend: *walking in the middle of the street

ME: get on the road .

Other friend: That was stum. Are u serious, get on the road?
by The anonymous Dutchess January 12, 2016
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To be both dumb, and stupid. Many people who are stum are also mentally defficient.
Liam is incredibly stum.
by Massive Peeper Man June 13, 2020
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STUM meaning stupid and dumb.
Some things they do are so STUM.
by Toliz June 24, 2020
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