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v. akin to cockblocking, the act of studyblocking is performed by a person or form of entertainment. a person can be either the perpetrator of the act or the recipient of the act. if a person or form of entertainment studyblocks you, it is preventing you from studying. if you are studyblocking someone, you are preventing them from studying. also, this act can be either intentional or unintentional; however the intentional form can only be performed by a human being who knows that the subject of their studyblocking really needs to be studying. in the intentional form, a person repeatedly texts, chats, emails or talks to you to specifically prohibit you from studying. in the unintentional form, the person does all the same action, but without being aware of the fact that you really need to study. studyblocking is a major form of trolling.
"Oh man, Facebook was studyblocking me so hard last night, i'm totally gonna fail this history test."
"i knew my brother's hardest midterm was today, so last night i sent him a bunch of pictures of baby animals to studyblock him. he can never resist baby animals."
by distractedstudent February 02, 2012
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