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The meaning of the name Sttephanie means that you're a shy, caring, and smart girl. When it comes to friendship, you are always there for them. You feel large amounts of guilt for something so small, because you care too much to leave someone hanging. It's hard for you to make friends often because of how shy you are, but you are crazy with close friends. Everyone has a Sttephanie in their group often times. Being a Sttephanie means you are a unique person and care what others think. You are different from others but can get very judgy about others and their attitude. Sttephanie's usually have big families. Sttephanie's often have a lot of sarcasm when you talk with her. Most Sttephanies are introverts.
"We all need a Sttephanie is our group."

"Hey, Sttephanie, what's up?
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by Icy_Wolf_ May 23, 2018
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