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A stronly is a pool noodle. The origins of stronly began to appear in early February of 2018. Stronlys originally were seen as nothing more than a pool noodle, but in as little as a week stronlys had developed their own language: stranguage. Things such as stronly rituals started popping up nearly immediately. In some areas of Florida, stronlys are even becoming people's significant others to the extent of taking them to prom. In Illinois, stronlys have been seen as pets, for example, being walked on a leash in neighborhoods. Stronlys are even being used in political protests. To some, stronlys are memes; but to others, they aren't just noodles, they are family.
"Woah dude, nice stronly!"
"Hah thanks bro, finna experience high tide with this noodle."
by massivesushi May 23, 2018
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