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Definiton 1 (noun) :The worst kind of male EVER. They whore around thinking every girl likes them, when in reality, they sorda want to kick him the nutsack. They think they can control their "friends" who secretly hate the fuck out of them. Also, has the most horrible hair known to mankind.

P.s. Usually has had surgeory on thier Nutsack after a fatal skateboard accident

Definiton #2 (verb): To be the biggest cockass ever.
1.Man #1: Man look at that whore with his bad hair and his nut scar, that girl doesn't even like him......
Man #2: I know he's just being a streater, what a cockass
Man #1: Now look at him trying to tell his friends what to do... Man i just want to shave his bad hair AND his gay moustache and tape it to his tongue.....
Man #2: True that homie....
by Jesus Jr. May 14, 2007
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