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(n) Pronunciation) / strān′jət/

1. female who is neither a friend nor an acquaintance
2. A female foreigner, newcomer, or outsider.
3. female who is unaccustomed to or unacquainted with something specified; a novice: a stranger to our language; no stranger to hardship.
4. Law female that is neither privy nor party to a title, act, or contract.
5. Archaic A female visitor or guest.
6. the female form of the word stranger. although stranger does not have gender, it generally refers to someone you don't know, and to generally don't know their gender.

strangette gets its suffix from -ette:


Used to form nouns meaning a smaller form of something.
cigarette, kitchenette, diskette
Used to form nouns meaning the female equivalent of:
majorette, bachelorette, Smurfette
Used to form nouns meaning an imitation or substitute of something.
hello strangette! long time since I've got to enjoy your female form tired up and ready to be pleasured!
by bablefiah February 27, 2016
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