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Storkel originate from the Swedish word "storlek" (size), but accidentally misspelled. A Swedish website later appeared, which quotes the original chat log where storkel originates from.

Storkel has two definitions:
Firstly, the more common use for it means "great party" or something within those boundaries. This definition was born on the Anjunabeats Forums, where storkel quickly was adopted among the users.
Explained: "Great" used as an adjective for party meaning that it's a good party rather than bad.
"Huge" is also an acceptable translation.

Secondly, the lesser used form is Stor-Kel, which is derived from one Swedish word that is made up from two words ("Stor" and "Kel") meaning "great amount of cuddling".
Explained: "Great" used as a size adjective for "amount".
"Cuddling" used as a verb describing the action.
"Wow, this is a storkling track!"
"Let's party! Storkel!"
by Endemism May 02, 2010
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