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Any quest set out by a single person or a group of people wile under the influance of Marijuana intended to aquire or accomplish some task, which generaly ends in distrations and entertainment for all. Stoner missions often require the use of the buddy system to prevent lost soldiers.
"Adam, we need you for this stoner mission. We need to turn out the lights and get chips from the kitchen and I'm not going with Derick again, he fuckin let the dragon in the house last time. Fuck, I am Scared of this hallway. ADAM! WE ARE GOING TO DO THIS! fuck... you go first...
by G. Cortez August 22, 2008
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An adventrue one takes while incredibly high. Commonly involving food,proquireing more marijuana/parephanelia or some innane task. Involving mass confusion not only for those involved, but those who are unfortunate enough to cross paths with the adventurers. Almost always the original plan is scrapped or forgotten.
Lindsey and I went on a stoner mission to get papers. We got distracted and completly forgot why we went to the store.
by iamsupermanv2 April 13, 2009
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