A person who has connections to a drug dealer but is so burnt out and broke that they refuse to get you any drugs with out breaking them off some of your purchase.
Stoid: Yea i can get OC's all day... but its gona cost ya.
Me: WHAT!?! you mean to tell me your gona charge me for simply finding drugs.
Stoid: well ya man im hurting right now you gotta help me out.
by Lyle the Crocodile September 20, 2009
another word for stoopid or a word for people who have a fractured spine
oh my god!! ureso stoid!!
by Changinamo October 14, 2019
A term used to describe a wild Kenny.
Damn, Stoid really shit on the place last night didn't he?
by stoidapotomous December 1, 2020