Unfortunately this is spelling is a bastardisation of the word 'stoked' which has its base in the 'stoking' of a fire - which basically gets it burning higher

Hence " I'm stoked" is the correct spelling - not "I'm stoaked"
Stoaked - See entries under "stoked"
by trueblue99 September 18, 2009
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Ready to go, full of adrenaline and fired up for any challenge,usually involving steep mountains or homemade ramps.Common useage occurs mostly amongst mountain bike and skateboardy types. Others sportsmen do on occaision borrow this phrase.
I'm like totally stoaked after that gnarly mountain dude.

I'm like gonna just go out there and pull off a 1080 man, cause i'm like totally stoaked dude.
by Handwing July 7, 2005
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Some idiot that's obsessed with gunpla and has a discord server; Someone stupid.
Guy 1: You're such a Stoaks.

Guy 2: How dare you insult me like that?!?
by NotKylo September 23, 2020
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<Verb> Getting stoaked; Got stoaked; Getting stoaked is slang for getting Drunk/high at the same time, if you want to get stoaked you have no future, and will be stoaked the rest of your life.
by zach popham July 11, 2008
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