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A stink monkey is a smaller relative to bigfoot but even closer to the Florida Skunk Ape. The Stink Monkey resides mainly in Georgia but they have been known to sneak across the border into Florida. They smell like stale beer and farts and can be spotted around Nascar tracks or breweries. Tey are not considered dangerous but can become restless when thirsty.
Jr. and Mark have seen a Stink Monkey in his natural habitat but he ran away when approached.
by rustyfalcon March 25, 2008
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Where a stink horn is executed (Look up stink horn for more info on that) and the female spreads banana on the mans testicals, then proceeds to lick it off.
"Dude Sally gives the best stink monkeys!" said Jackson
"Man I'm gettin in on that!" said Joey

I forced her to give me several stink mom wants to know what happened to the bananas.
by NoTsTinKhOrNcReAtOr January 16, 2010
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