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Stingo (or STIngo) is a game of chance in which players strategically acquire veneral diseases to make a line of randomly assigned STIs join up on the back of a clinic appointment card.
Whoah, Paul has REALLY been sleeping around a lot lately - he must nearly have a house in Stingo!
by LJJ Cool September 01, 2010
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A young girl who thinks she is, in her own words, "the best" even though she will continually choose the easy option in life and still fail; she has a user-mentality and 99% of all decisions are bad decisions that if she later on fails to have the hindsight to regret other people will - but she doesn't care - because she only cares about herself.

e.g some one who masquerades around as being a 'nice person' when in actual fact they are nothing more than a selfish failure. (and a smelly little bitch)
Hi Stingo, how are you today?
Hi Stingo, where's the money you owe me?
Hi Stingo, where are your friends? There only seems to be drug dealers here.
by oracle of benign truth June 13, 2018
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