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A cool lookin, cool talkin moogle in Final Fantasy IX. Makes a cameo in FFCC as well. Buy stuff off him at bargain prices.
Stiltzkin is so clever kupo! I wanna be just like him!
by Adelbert Steiner March 20, 2008
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1. Having qualities similar to the fairy tale character "Rumple Stiltzkins"
2. Uneven or peculiar hair or hairs missed while shaving.
3. Being of a crody and carefree nature.
1. Look at ol' Stiltzkins...Lil bitter buddy in and out like crazy. Like a buoy out to sea.
2. Braah, those stiltzkins need to be attended to.
3. Need to wash up stiltzkins, You Ain't Pretty....
by JOKERsWILD13 February 20, 2011
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