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A prescription drug used as a sleep aid. It is called Ambien in the US, Stilnox is the Australian version. When at least two Stilnox pills are consumed, hallucinations occur which could involve an 'earthquake' feeling (loss of balance) and rooms moving, as well as driveways turning into rivers. When 2 pills are consumed, memory is slightly affected however when 3 or more are taken it is very hard to remember anything from the night before. Taken with alcohol and/or weed it can make for a very fun/dreamy experience, the perfect combination involving '2 stilnox 2 beers and 2 cones'. People on Stilnox tend to be very strange, mixing their thought patterns up with their speech. They tend to be very destructive without meaning to, yet are very very funny.
Hayden: "John, you didn't have all 4 of those stilnox did you!?"
John: "Yeah there is 4 of me isn't there!! ...I'M THE BONG PAINTERRR.....hey, weren't we going to see the pixie king?"
by da_straz November 01, 2005
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