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The meaning of the phrase 'Stiffie Time' comes mainly from the word stiffie.
Any time a man (or woman for that fact) is a little over-excited, it's a stiffie time.
Stiffie Time can also mean: Hard, or constantly horny.
1.) "Man, these beers are giving me a STIFFIE TIME right now!!"
2.) It's 'Stiffie Time' I think we should mate in that closet over there.
3.) "Don't hit that dude over there during 'Stiffie Time' he'll fuck you up!"
4.) What time is it? STIFFIE TIME!!!
by Stiffie Steve August 07, 2005
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'Stiffie time' is slang for masterbation, but can also mean: time for a root, when something is really hard, or if your fucked up on valium and beer. This word is from the stiffie family.
What time is it?! STIFFIE TIME!
"Dude that bitch just took $250! No stiffie time tonight.
Why is it always stiffie time before I wake up?
I'm so bored right now, think I'll watch some jenna jameson movies and have a stiffie time.
by StiffieSteve August 16, 2005
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