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(n): Marijuana

pot, refer, weed, mary jane, tron
"We call it sticky sticky, but ya'll like to call it pot"
by Tommy March 25, 2003
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From VRChat. A recent (2017-18) bowdlerization of the Japanese word Suteki. The expression is used almost exclusively by the loli army, and in response to loli's. The phrase should be articulated in a highly excited and twee fashion.

It literally means 'oh how lovely!' or 'wonderful!'

The phrase probably became popular after Netflix started screening the anime Kill la Kill, due to it's usage therein.
Loli: Oh look! He's giving me his apple! Sticky sticky!
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by Katzen_Jammer February 06, 2018
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A Stop Stick; i.e. a device consisting of a series of diagonally-spaced hollow spikes, placed face up on the surface of a road; used by law-enforcement agencies at roadblocks etc. to puncture the tires of a fugitive vehicle so as to bring it to a safe and gradual halt.
Setting up a roadblock just past the interchange, police used "sticky-stickies" to blow out the suspect's tires, and he was apprehended without incident about half a mile away.
by Anthony Brancato August 23, 2003
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