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Noun: the paper and glue residue left behind when you try to peel off a label or price tag.
Johnny: Did you get that present for my mom?
Ann: Yes, but when i took off the price tag, there was a lot of stickum left behind.
Johnny: My Mom will hate this!
by chris stroh January 29, 2008
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Mayonnaise, especially when used as a lubricant for dry sandwich ingredients
Lisa thought the sandwich was fine -- until she saw the layer of stickum coating the bread, immediately transforming the sandwich into a repugnant thing.
by Earthquakepills December 06, 2007
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A word coined by 21st century scholar, Cholaa Banifah Jackson. This word originated from the latin root "Stick" or camera mounted upon an extendable pole and the root "um" for utter confusion and dismay. This word was believed by many ancient civilizations to be sacred ,and sometimes even evil. One account tells of a man who used this word to blaspheme another and was hit by a truck nearly 400 years later.
"Yo Dude!"
"Wanna.... wait I forgot what I was going to say."
"Ok, but just tell me what it was when you remember."
"Alright, will do. Hey did you watch the Nick's game last night?"
"nah, I missed it. Had to help my mom make porridge."
"Oh i remember now. Do you want to go on 'stickum' later?"
"On what!?"
"Stickum, sir!"
"Oh stickum! Yes! Boy, I thought you said stickam for a second..."
"Hahah? What!? Stickam? Why, I don't even know what that is, let alone be caught knowing what it is."
"Well good. I'll be seeing you then in a lil right?"
"Alright, toodles <3~XOXO~<3"
by Cornelius The Great Man King October 21, 2009
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