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German for "traffic jam" or "stop and go traffic".

Much more descriptive than the English words, as stau sounds like something gooey that you are stuck in!
There was 2 miles of stau on my commute to work today.

The 405 freeway is completely blocked up with stau due to the sigalert.
by kangoid August 13, 2007
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STAU is an acronym for Shut That Ass Up.
It is used for telling people to be quiet, however it is much cooler.
You don't say STAU like stau, you say it with each individual letter, S-T-A-U.
Hey you, ya you, STAU!
Oh really that happened... STAU
Hey yo fat kid, with the loud ass mouth, STAU!!!
by Primetime4200 March 23, 2010
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