Fate, or extremely low chances, or likelihood, of an event happening on its own due to statistical data proving otherwise.
I didn't think I was ever going to see you again! Then you turn up on my doorstep like-
A statistical anomaly?
Well I was gunna say fate, but yes.
by Modizzlemynizzle February 9, 2017
An extremely rare occurrence.
Jody is a statistical anomaly because despite how he is "that guy", who is gorgeous, smart, funny and successful, he has not found the right girl. It is a statistical anomaly that he would be single given how perfect he is.
by SAMSAM8999 March 14, 2018
A polite way of saying something is a flat out lie.
I just find it an intriguing statistical anomaly that out of the thousands of Canadians I've spoken to in the last half decade of living in Canada, that I have not heard a single one complain about the fact that their healthcare system is socialized (in fact the exact opposite)...Yet commonly Americans that oppose Obama's plan and live hundreds of miles from the boarder seem to know plenty for some reason.............
by Anandamide September 12, 2009