A Word Describing a Man's Ability to Pull the Ladies with ease. it is indescribable, the male can be an average joe, but he is just a natural, to pull any lady he wants, any time he wants without fail.
Dude, dont doubt matt's stanga, he gets all the ladies.
by Fullet April 9, 2006
A word used to describe a bands outstandingly bad album, in reference to Metallica's 2003 album St.Anger. Every band will have a Stanga, just to varying degrees.
That album is definitely their Stanga.
by Hound. January 8, 2013
A nice guy who is awesome ad is so sexy and hot. Hates people who are annoying and is an awesome friend. Loves when people have accents. He is a straight guy and everybody loves him.
Tyler Stanga is a god
by JimothyTheRat November 2, 2018