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When a stalker begins to analyze you in the hope that either;

a) you will realize that the stalker understands you more than anyone else and therefore you should submit, and/ or

b) the stalker will discover some justification for your disinterest and dismissal that has nothing to do with the character or attractiveness of the stalker. You of course must be privy to this so that you understand that the stalker is in fact more attractive and intelligent than you.
"Spare me the stalkalysis."

"He won't take a no, he won't take a never, now he is stalkalyzing me!."

Example of stalkalysis:

" I understand a little bit more about depression, the reasons for you pushing me away are clearer.."


"..but now I can see that your previous relationships are preventing you from accepting happiness. You should stop this self- sabotage before.."
by chloefz January 14, 2010
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