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someone who is addicted to stalking,whether it is a celebrity, former boyfriend/girlfriend, or animal; a way of saying someone is obsessed about something
"I want to know what color Jon Walker's toilet is."

"You're such a stalkaholic, Jenny!"
by Natalie Disco March 31, 2007
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Someone that thinks everyone on the planet is stalking him/her. Even normal life behavior is viewed by the stalkaholic as "stalking them". Also, they feel as though they can never be stalkers, even when they exhibit the behavior that they deem others stalkers for doing. They are obsessed with being stalked. They wish it were true.
"OMG did you see Jason over there? Stop f***ing stalking me, stalker! God! I found out Jason was stalking me when I looked him up on the internet all day yesterday, I know where he lives and where his family lives. He is def. a stalker!"

"Ummm wow stalkaholic, besides don't you think that looking Jason up is kind of creepy on your part? You are stalking him!"

"Duh, no way! I'm not a stalker, tee hee!"
by cherrypit October 23, 2008
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